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The Experience


On more than one occasion a homeowner has said that the experience is almost as important as the results.


Why will your experience be better with us than a competitor?


  • Give and Take - Starting at the initial consultation, and throughout the construction process, we will listen to your ideas, review any designs you might have, and really strive to understand your vision. Once it is realized, we will communicate to you; our interpretation of your vision, including any revisions we feel might be important to the construction or design of the project.

  • Estimating - After the scope of work has been decided, an accurate project cost can be estimated. All too often, the initial estimate from a contractor is vague and incomplete, which leads to unforeseen additional costs and frustration for both the contractor and the client. When working with Tooth & Nail, we will present you with a thorough and transparent bid, that outlines every step of the process and the associated costs, giving you a comprehensive understanding of where your money is being spent.

  • The Build - Long before anyone steps foot on the job; a detailed schedule will be put together, (the highlights of which will be shared with the client), materials and subs will be coordinated, and a plan of attack will be thought-through and made ready to execute. While on site, we try to be unobtrusive, considerate and accommodating. Through the use of temporary floor protection, poly walls, negative air flow and air cleaners, we try to minimize our presence in any areas of your home where work is not taking place. The schedule will be aggressive but reasonable. While building, you can look forward to daily progress, and regular updates. Upon completion, we don't expect you to settle up until a final walk through establishes that you are 100% satisfied with the results!



The cost of a project is always a driving factor in the decision-making process.


How can you, the consumer, get a fair price without sacrificing quality? Hire us! Here's why:


  • Modest and Local - We are a modestly sized company, consequently, we do not have to offset massive overhead costs by raising the bottom line of project cost. Our office, in-house carpenters and trusted sub-contractors are all based in the immediate Twin Cities metro area, reducing costly trip charges.

  • Efficiency - Our broad experience allows us to take on projects with the confidence that we can complete each phase of the process in a timely manner, ultimately reducing your out-of-pocket expense. Because each project is unique, there is always a slight learning curve once the build is under way, to keep things moving forward, we approach any surprises with an open mind and brainstorm simple but effective solutions. 

  • Margin - Because we handle many of the required construction processes in-house, general all of our own projects and rely on a small group of hard-working local sub contractors, we are not passing along huge margin costs to our clients.

End Result

Ultimately, you are hiring us to provide you with a finished product that is exactly what you envisioned and can stand the test of time.


So how does Tooth & Nail achieve the best end result possible?


  • Foresight - From the initial consultation to the day we first step foot on a project, and through out the build, each aspect is meticulously thought out. 

  • Materials - In construction, you get what you pay for when it comes to most rough and finish materials. Drawing from years of trial and error, we only use quality materials that we know will preform exceptionally well. When it comes to selecting finishes, we provide guidance so that you will not have any regrets while enjoying your newly created spaces for years to come.

  • Craftsmanship - Having a detailed plan only helps if it can be executed effectively, and high-end finishes are desirable, but using them alone will not provide you with high-end results. At Tooth & Nail, all carpentry and tile setting is done in-house. No matter the size or scope of a project, we hold ourselves to a very strict standard, and keep the integrity of our work in high regard. We are proud to say that we are genuinely interested in doing it right the first time, and in order to achieve this, we approach each task with the utmost attention to detail and thoughtful precision.

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